WatchBot is the wireless security camera that lets you view, monitor and protect your home or business when you're not there.

If unauthorised motion is detected, you're alerted
on your smartphone, tablet or computer

Every 37 seconds, a property in the UK is broken
into. How much do you value your precious items
…. your computer, your TV, your jewellery, your
games console? Imagine if your home or business
was broken into right now; the hassle of dealing with
insurance companies and the police - and not
knowing who violated your space.

WatchBot solves that problem - when motion is
detected, WatchBot will send you an alert - straight
to your smartphone, tablet or computer - it will even
send you snapshots, so you know exactly what's
happening - even if you're thousands of miles away.
Crime is happening right now in
your area - don't be a victim

WatchBot is a wireless security camera which
allows you to monitor, view and protect what's
important to you at your home or business - even
when you're not there.

Log into the camera whenever you want to see
what's happening. Move the camera, left, right, up
and down, using the pan and tilt facility. When
you're not at home or at work check what's
happening, even in the dark.

WatchBot is compatible with a

variety of devices

Take your world with you - No matter what your
gadget is, WatchBot works on several devices to
keep you connected with your precious loved ones
and possessions.

With dedicated mobile apps for both Apple and
Android you can view your property and valuables
from anywhere where in the world.

No internet needed

Do you have property or valuables in places without
internet? like your shed or garage; perhaps you own
an idyllic but isolated holiday home or simply live in
an area where the broadband connection is weak?

Now there is no need to worry.

You can set up WatchBot to capture images and
record footage on board, to a micro SD card.

Don't be the next victim

Since visiting this page, approximately 5 properties have
been broken into. Don't be the next victim. Know exactly
what's happening at your home or business, when you're
not there with WatchBot

Motion Alarm

Be alerted when unauthorised
motion is detected.

WatchBot Features

Record Video & Images

Capture incriminating evidence
and precious memories.

Pan & Tilt

Remotely move the camera,
left, right, up and down.

Night Vision

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Wireless Operation

Place WatchBots wherever in
your home or business.

Two Way Audio


Interact with what's happening in
your home/business.

Connect up to 64


View multiple locations on a
split screen

Plug & Play

Set up in under 5 minutes

UK Based Support

Competent technicians quickly
resolve any issues.
The average burglary costs £3500.
WatchBot can be yours today for just £99.95